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Mohammed Haroon Ali Convicted for Killing Fred Biletnikoff's Daughter

Man admitted to killing victim but said it was a crime of passion.



    Former Raiders great Fred Biletnikoff seen here during his playing days.

    A man accused of killing the daughter of former Oakland Raider great Fred Biletnikoff has been found guilty.

    Mohammed Haroon Ali, 36, was found guilty for strangling his girlfriend Tracey Biletnikoff in February 1999.

    Biletnikoff, then 20 years old, was the daughter of the Raiders legend.

    Ali testified that he killed Biletnikoff but he tried to argue that it was a crime of passion and not pre-meditated.

    Both Ali and Biletnikoff were in a substance abuse rehab program together when an altercation took place between the two, according to court reports.

    Ali testified that Biletnikoff was relentlessly insisting that he restart the sobriety program at Project 90, which would likely mean he would lose his counseling job, and possibly submit a "dirty" drug test at a meeting with his probation officer on the following day.

    Biletnikoff blocked the doorway to prevent Ali from running away and called him a "loser," he said.

    Ali grabbed Biletnikoff's shoulders and tried to get her to move, he said. She attempted to strike him, and in the struggle his hands moved from her shoulders to her neck.

    The next thing he remembered was seeing Biletnikoff dead on the floor, with "big eyes" and "white fluid" coming out of her mouth, he said.