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VIDEO: Monterey Bay Humpback Whales "Bully" Feasting Orcas

Killer whales no match for humpbacks.



    These guys are boss.

    These orcas don't run -- until the humpback crew arrives.

    The Monterey Bay humpback whales drove off a pod of orcas while the orcas were feeding, and the entire encounter was recorded on video.

    The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that the encounter between killer whales and humpbacks is "extraordinarily rare." The humpbacks are in fact "bullying" the orcas, shooing them away and right underneath the boat of whale-watchers recording it all.

    Kate Spencer posted the encounter to YouTube. The entire episode lasted 45 minutes and involved 11 humpback whales and an unknown number of orcas, who were eating a sea lion.

    Killer whales like to pick off smaller gray whales for food -- and humpbacks don't enjoy it, at all. Humpbacks are known for trying to protect other sea creatures from the predations of orcas, apparently.

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