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More Driving, Less Flying, for Families these Holidays

Trips by car are a mainstay of this holiday season, according to facts.



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    Forget this -- get the car. That's what Californians are saying.

    Staying home for the holidays isn't on California families' minds. Staying within driving distance, however -- yes.

    Holiday travel is slightly up this year, which is taken as a sign that the recession is lessening, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. But that travel is by car, which will account for 90 percent of all holiday travel, according to a survey examined by the newspaper.

    Some 11.4 million people will travel 50 miles or farther away from home this holiday season, according to AAA Northern California. That's a daily commute for many of the breadwinners in California families these days; still, that's 4.1 percent more travellers than last year, AAA said.

    And air travel is on the up-and-up as well: there's going to be a 5 percent increase in holiday travel at San Francisco International Airport, where movement is "busy and robust," according to an airport spokesman.

    The California Highway Patrol is going to be busy, too: patrols will be stepped up on Friday, when travel is expected to be at its heaviest.