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Movement to Save Unique Domed Theaters in San Jose

Unique 1964-era San Jose Century 22 dome theaters slated for destruction.



    This San Jose landmark may be demolished to make room for a second Santana Row-like shopping area.

    Save the Winchester domes.

    The uniquely-shaped movie theaters along Winchester Boulevard in San Jose are slated for destruction, but there is a movement under way to save them from the wrecking ball, according to reports.

    The theaters' 50-year lease is up, and the three domed movie theaters across from the Winchester Mystery House should be leased to a developer soon, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

    But not if the Preservation Action Council has its way. Some 2,100 people have signed a petition asking the city to save at least one of the domes.

    The group has already saved another dome, called the Retro Dome now, but that one, too, is slated to be destroyed, the newspaper reported.