Muni Employees Asked to Pay $20 for Nat Ford Farewell

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    Muni employees were asked to help cover the costs of a farewell lunch to their former leader.

    San Francisco's highest-paid employee was given a farewell lunch Thursday and his employees were asked to kick in $20 to fund the party.

    SF Weekly reports that Muni employees were asked to donate an Andrew Jackson to help cover the expenses of the party to say au revoir to former Muni chief Nat Ford.

    The lunch was held at Muni's headquarters and the MC of the event was former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

    Muni Spokesman Paul rose told the weekly that he wasn't sure how much money employees had donated but he was certain the entire affair was not funded by taxpayers.

    Ford however was paid $384,000 as a parting gift when he announced he was leaving Muni.