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Napa Winery Experiments Aging Wine Under the Sea

Mira Winery of Napa is aging four cases in Charleston harbor.



    A new winemaking experiment is underway in South Carolina, where a California winery is attempting to age wine -- in the ocean.

    Mira Winery of St. Helena has place four cases of cabernet sauvignon in Charleston harbor, according to the Associated Press. In three months, the wine will be retrieved, and scientists and tasters alike will set about figuring out what a seawater bath does to the blessed fermented grape juice.

    Wine recovered from sunken ships has a "unique taste," according to winemakers, and it is thought that the ocean water has something to do with that.

    The wine are in an "undisclosed location," in yellow steel mesh cages, the news agency reported.

    The idea is Jim "Bear" Dyke Jr.'s. He's the Charleston resident who owns the Napa Valley winery, the news agency reported.

    Winemakers in Europe have aged wine in the ocean before, but this method is thus far in the United States uncharted waters.