Neighbor Unhappy with Casino M8trix and its Patrons

Casino M8trix patrons were seen urinating, sleeping and littering at a nearby parking lot.

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    Linda Filice is not happy to own two commercial buildings in the shadows the new Casino M8trix.

    “It’s been the most frustrating thing in my whole life,” Filice said.

    Neighbors Not Happy With Casino Matrix

    [BAY] Neighbors Not Happy With Casino Matrix
    Casino Matrix patrons were seen urinating, sleeping and littering in a nearby parking lot. (Published Monday, Aug. 13, 2012)

    Filice said over the weekend she found empty alcohol containers on her property. She claims casino patrons urinated in her parking lot and that’s not all. “I came here in the morning and saw a drunk passed out on my lawn,” Filice said.

    She is also upset about casino customers parking in her lot. She says the casino charged ten dollars to valet park cars on her lot without her permission.

    “We’ve been open less than a week and the valet did park there but we have spoken to the employees and admonished them and told them to park in designated area,” Casino M8trix spokesman Sean Kali-Rai said.

    He said the casino has only been open a few days and is still working to fix any issues. He also says the casino had far more visitors than expected this past weekend. On Friday night the Casino had more than 2,000 customers at one time and had to restrict the number of people allowed to enter the building.

    “We had like what you have during Christmas at Valley Fair Shopping Center, just a big influx of people at one time,” Kali-Rai said.

    Still some question whether the casino has enough parking even for normal flow. There are only 580 parking spots on site and 60 offsite available to customers at one time.

    Linda says she has already lost two tenants and she now plans to build a fence between the two properties.

    Kali-Rye says the casino plans to be there a long time and is committed to being a good neighbor.