New Bay Bridge Cable Saddle is Biggest in the World | NBC Bay Area

New Bay Bridge Cable Saddle is Biggest in the World


    The new bay bridge is scheduled for completion later this year.

    To have a new Bay Bridge, you need a lot of cable. To have a lot of cable, you need a lot of cable saddle -- the world's biggest, in fact.

    The world's biggest cable saddle -- the anchor component from which the suspension bridge's one-mile long, 30-inch wide supporting strands lead down from the bridge tower -- was lifted into place Thursday during a 12-hour operation.

    The cable saddle is 450 tons, or 900,000 pounds, according to reports in the San Jose Mercury News.

    "It's a significant milestone for the bridge because we are at the technical top of the bridge," said Bart Ney, a spokesman for CalTrans.

    The milestone comes before the bridge will experience detours over Memorial Day Weekend. The $6.3 billion bridge is scheduled to be completed in late 2013, according to Ney.

    The cable will be lifted into place sometime later this year.