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Bill Would Bar Marijuana Users From Driving

A bill in the Legislature introduced by a Southern California Assemblywoman would prevent marijuana users from driving.



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    Medical marijuana advocates are displeased with a proposed bill that would prohibit anyone with cannabinoids in their system from driving. Cannabinoids can last in the body for weeks after just one toke.

    Marijuana users and advocates are none too pleased with Norma Torres.

    DUIs would be handed out to any driver with cannabinoids in his or her system, under a bill introduced by the Southern California member of the state Assembly, according to SF Weekly.

    Torres, a former mayor of Pomona, introduced in February a bill called AB 2552, which adds a section to the Vehicle Code dealing with drunk driving that addresses marijuana use. The problem is that it not only outlaws driving while stoned -- which is already illegal -- but that it outlaws any cannabis use at all for folks who want to be able to drive, according to marijuana advocates.

    The proposed law prohibits anyone with cannabinoids in their system from driving, according to the newspaper. And cannabinoids stay in a user's system for weeks after even one toke, according to California NORML, which adds that there's no precedent for a zero-tolerance threshold.

    The bill was introduced last month and has yet to be assigned to a committee or heard in Sacramento.