New Santa Clara Housing Rule Hurts Santa Clara U. Students

Students feel the pinch of new law aimed at "mini-dorms."

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    Scott Budman
    Santa Clara University students are up in arms about a law that could make it more difficult for them to find housing.

    Santa Clara University students are upset about a law proposed for that city that would effectively outlaw landlords from running "boardinghouses," or single-family homes rented out to multiple students, according to reports.

    Under the law, favored by city staff, landlords would need a new permit and to keep the house in good condition and prohibit "unruly gatherings" in order to rent to "more than two students or unrelated adults," according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Students say the law unfairly targets them and will make it more difficult for them to find cheaper places to live, but Santa Clara citizens say that they need peace from rowdy student housing.

    Housing in Silicon Valley is harder and harder to find, as a burgeoning tech-fueled economic boom draws in more and more well-off people.

    The San Jose Mercury News notes that rents in Santa Clara have "soared in recent years," and rooms rented in homes are often students' only means of living close to school.

    Some Silicon Valley employees also have issue with the law, saying that it would ban, say, three or more software engineers from living with each other in a home.