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New Video of Oakland Officer Brawl

The internal police investigation into a Friday night fight scuffle has a surprising result.



    Boxing Board calls for stiff punishment

    New video shows a close up of the three men, who were initially believed to be Oakland police officers, at the center of a shoving match last Friday in Sacramento.

    In the video, a man in a white shirt appears to be holding the three men back.

    New Video of OPD Boxing Match Brawl Shows Faces

    [BAY] New Video of OPD Boxing Match Brawl Shows Faces
    The president of the International Amateur Boxing Association is calling on the Oakland Police Department to take aggressive action to punish the officers involved in a fight at a boxing match or he will ask Sacramento police to file criminal charges.
    (Published Tuesday, May 25, 2010)

    Steve Fossum, president of the International Amateur Boxing Association, released the video. He urged the Oakland Police Department to identify its officers and take "aggressive" action to punish them.

    The department did just what Fossum asked, but they say the three men in question are not OPD officers or employees.  Holly Joshi said they are sure the men are not with the department, but added OPD is still looking talking to other officers who were there.

    The scuffle broke out Friday night at the first "Badge vs. Badge" event. Police officers and firefighters were facing off in amateur boxing matches.

    Witnesses say the trash talking turned physical after OPD's Casey Johnson lost his fight in a decision to Dept. of Corrections officer Larry Ward.

    Video of the scuffle was posted on YouTube and showed spectators shoving and swearing at each other. At one point, someone threw a chair into the scuffle.   Oakland officers were at the event, and were first blamed for the mini-melee.

    Fossum says, "We don't believe in a theory that anyone's above the law. If there's law enforcement in the audience, if this happened in Oakland, I guarantee all 3 of those guys would've been in jail that night."

    OPD says it is conducting an internal investigation.

    The incident comes at a time when the agency is facing massive layoffs and could lose 190 officers.