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New York Times Reveals Pay Wall Numbers, Tweaks

Newspaper says it was able to secure more than 450,000 subscribers.



    The New York Times is tweaking how its pay wall will work.

    It has been a year since The New York Times tried the great Internet experience of charging digital readers of its newspaper for unlimited content on the site.

    Newspapers across the globe watched as one of the world's most read news websites introduced a pay wall that only allowed users 20 articles a month to read for free but at the same time allowed them to read as many as they liked when clicking on a link from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

    The newspaper is now reporting that is signed up 454,000 paid digital subscribers in the first year of its new pay wall system.

    And to celebrate, the paper is tweaking its system by reducing the number of free articles non subscribers can read.

    Starting in April, non-members will only be allowed to read 10 free articles a month on The New York Times' website.

    Complete access on the site will cost between $15 to $35 a month.