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OPD Makes Biggest Drug Bust in Years



    Oakland Police Department
    This is what OPD confiscated at a home in Oakland Feb. 12.

    Oakland police say they netted the largest stash of narcotics found in the city limits in recent years last Friday at a home on 61st Ave.

    Police served a search warrant at the home and found a suitcase filled with heroin which was separated in two pound bags.

    Police list the confiscated materials this way:

    • 200 ounces of heroin
    • 2 ounces of crystal meth
    • 1 once of cocaine
    • 1 gun
    • $8,800 in cash

    Police say the find represents a significant disruption in a major narcotics operation.

    They also arrested Isaac Perez.  They say Perez is believed to be the head of the distribution operation.