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Oakland Raiders to Hire Broncos Dennis Allen: Report

Former Denver defensive coordinator would be the first defensive minded head coach since before Al Davis owned the team.



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    Dennis Allen will reportedly be the next head coach of the Oakland Raiders.

    In case there was any doubt, the Al Davis era is officially over in Oakland.

    The Oakland Raiders have reportedly zeroed in on the team's next head coach, who is not known for the vertical attack or have a background as an offensive lineman.

    Instead general manager Reggie McKenzie is turning to the dark side -- dark blue and orange that is -- and reportedly negoitiating a contract with Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen.

    ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Allen and the Raiders were meeting Tuesday to try and discuss the final details of an agreement.

    If the Raiders hired Dennis, he would become the team's first defensive head coach since the legendary Al Davis took over the team.

    Also The last time Oakland hired a coach from divisional rivals the Broncos, his name was Mike Shanahan, and that didn't work out too well for either side.