Oakland Shooting Victim Not Linked to Occupy

Police say early investigation shows no link between protests and victim.

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    A man is transported into an ambulance after being shot near the Occupy Oakland encampment.

    Mayor Jean Quan and the Oakland Police Officer's Association are using the slaying of a man near the Occupy Oakland encampment as a rallying cry to get protesters to move on.

    But the Oakland Police Department said Friday that it does not believe the man killed was linked to the Occupy movement in any way, a fact protesters have been asserting since the shots were first heard.

    Between six and eight gunshots were fired on the south side of Frank Ogawa Plaza near the Occupy Oakland encampment Thursday evening just before 5 p.m.

    A man was shot outside the Tully's Coffee Shop at 14th Street and Broadway and he later died of his injuries.

    One Man Is Shot And Killed at Occupy Oakland

    [BAY] One Man Is Shot  And Killed at Occupy Oakland
    A man is shot and killed at Occupy Oakland. Today's incident just added more problems for Mayor Jean Quan.

    Friday morning the Oakland Police Officer's Association wrote an open letter to protesters saying the shooting is a sign that it is time for them to move, so officers can get back to protecting the rest of Oakland.

    No officers were near the shooting when it occurred.

    A few hours later on Friday Johnna Watson, an Oakland police spokeswoman, said investigators have found no evidence that the man in his 20s was linked to the protests.

    Protesters have said they believe the man tried to escape his killer by hiding in the camp.
    But Still some Oakland officials are saying the shooting is prove that the protests are attracting a violent element.