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Occupy Movement Gets Political With Ballot Measures

A ballot measure and a newspaper-based campaign for the 99 percent.



    The Occupy movement is getting political with a ballot measure for the 2012 ballot.

    An oft-repeated criticism of the Occupy movement is its lack of focus and disinterest in any engagement in the political process. That last bit, at least, has changed.

    Two groups identifying themselves as aligned with Occupy unveiled action plans on Monday: the Courage Campaign announced a ballot initiative to raise taxes, the same day a tax plan on the top 2-percent of earners in California was announced by Gov. Jerry Brown, and an East Bay-based group called the 99 Percent Solution said it would begin pushing its own nationwide plan to end income inequality, according to the Bay Citizen.

    The Courage Campaign's plan would raise taxes by 3 percent for earners with incomes over $1 million, and by 5 percent for earners over $2 million. The governor's plan bumps taxes by up to 2 percent on high-income earners, and does not affect families under an income ceiling of $500,000, according to the Bay Citizen.

    The Courage Campaign will attempt to put its measure on the ballot next year. For now, the 99 Percent Solution is merely attempting to spread its idea, through vehicles like a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Brown tried to sell his idea to Republicans but failed, so he's going to the ballot, too.