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Ooops: 115,000 People Sent to One Polling Spot



    Could this voting box even hold 115K ballots?

    A printing error caused the San Francisco Department of Elections to send out the wrong polling place address to 115,000 people.

    It would be mad house to say the least if they all showed up where instructed. All 115,000 were told to go to 31 Howth St. near City College of San Francisco.

    To fix the error, the election department is going to send out three correction mailers.

    Elections director John Arntz told BCN the error was discovered late last week and was caused by vendor who printed the fliers Provote Solutions.

    It wasn't clear who would pay the bill for the correction notices. 

    You can look up your polling  place at this website or call (415) 554-4375.

    The Nov. 8 election in the City will decide the city's new mayor, district  attorney and sheriff, as well as several propositions concerning pensions for  city workers and bonds for the city's schools and roads.

    Bay City News contributed to this report.