Report: Mission, Not Castro, is SF's Best Gay Neighborhood

Out Traveler ranks SF's Mission second-best gay nabe in USA. Castro sheds silent tear.

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    Cindy Barrymore
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    The Mission District is no Boystown -- and it's no Castro, either.

    It's much, much friendlier for gay tourists.

    The Mission is the second-best travel destination in the world for LGBT travelers, according to

    That may leave heads scratching up the hill in the Castro, where a giant rainbow flag flutters in the breeze at Harvey Milk Plaza. Still, there's no denying that the Mission has much to offer for travelers concerned with a gay-friendly environment -- and we don't just mean trips to Esta Noche.

    The most-incomparable Gay Neighborhood in the World, though, is somewhere a little colder: Boystown on the North Side of Chicago, according to the magazine.