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PG&E Finds "Flaws" in How Pipeline Workers Are Trained

Utility giant digs up more bad news.



    PG&E workers who put together natural gas pipelines weren't being properly trained, the company found.

    The PG&E workers who put together the company's natural gas pipes have "flaws" in their training, the company has announced.

    PG&E is still smarting from the 2010 San Bruno disaster, when a natural gas pipeline exploded in flame, destroying dozens of homes and killing eight people. This is another "stumble" for the company, according to the Oakland Tribune.

    Workers who build the pipes are supposed to take a pair of tests, the newspaper reported. The utility discovered that the second test, a year after the first, "was not being completely done."

    This has been going on for "several years," a PG&E official told the newspaper.

    Employees told the company about the training gap, but a contractor hired to upgrade pipes in San Bruno had complained loudly that PG&E had been doing work "improperly," the newspaper reported.