Palo Alto City Council to Vote on New Cameras for Police Department

Police Department wishes to add body-worn cameras and upgrade patrol-car camera system

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    The Palo Alto city council could approve police officer-mounted cameras Monday night and replace cameras in current sqaud cars. Bob Redell reports. (Published Monday, Nov. 18, 2013)

    The Palo Alto city council is set to vote on its police department's request for nine body-mounted video cameras that would be worn on the officers' chests.

    They would be similar to those worn by officers in neighboring Menlo Park.

    If approved, some would be designated for patrol officers, but most would go to motorcycle cops, which don't have dash cameras eqiupped on their bikes.

    The request calls for a trial basis with the possibility of all patrol officers wearing the cameras in the future.

    Police are also asking the council to replace the dash cams in all 28 squad cars, which currently are equipped with seven-year-old versions. The current cameras only face forward and new technology allows cameras to faces in four directions.

    If approved, the upgrades are expected to cost just over $300,000.