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Paying More for Clipper, but It's Not a Fare Hike



    A woman waits for a BART train.

    Starting tomorrow, the cheapest Clipper cards will cost just a little bit more. But it's not a fare hike! Instead, it's BART's way of discouraging scammers.

    Previously, you could buy a $2 Clipper card, enter BART, and then use the same card to depart at any station. That means that you could evade fares like, for example, Pittsburg to SFO, which is nearly $11.

    But starting Tuesday, the minimum price will go up to $5. That's still cheaper than the most expensive fares, but BART's hoping that it'll be enough to take the wind of of fare cheaters' sails.

    You'll still be able to buy single-ride Muni-only tickets for $2. And if you already have a Clipper card, there's no minimum, according to the Gate.

    Clipper's not the only government-issued card with problems. The DMV admitted that their new cutting-edge drivers' licenses are a disaster, taking way too long to issue and suffering from manufacturing defects.

    The new cards have problems with their color, smudging, and illegible text, according to Mercury News. In response, the DMV is extending the length of time that temporary licenses are valid. So, watch out California -- here come even more questionably-qualified drivers on the roads.