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Police Warn Commuters of Robbers as End of Daylight Saving Time Nears

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    Crime is expected to rise as the end of Daylight Saving Time nears. Jean Elle reports. (Published Monday, Oct. 28, 2013)

    With the end of Daylight Saving Time nearing, most commuters will be heading home in the dark.

    In San Francisco, police said when clocks rolled back last year they saw a spike in robberies.

    "We noticed an increase in robberies at out transit hubs," Capt. Tim Falvey said. "Realizing that people's commutes were in darkness, we want to get information out to advise the public of that."

    Some officers will be heading to transit hubs during the morning commute this week to hand out fliers. Others plan to remind people of the earlier sunset and show how to avoid being a target.

    Police warns commuters smart phones will be a glowing invitation to robbers.  Officers hope shining a light on the dangers in the dark will help prevent thefts.

    Commuter Jeanette Lafors said she appreciates the reminder.

    " When it's dark it's harder to keep track of things," Lafors said. "It's harder to see you're less likely to be aware, people may take advantage of that."

    San Francisco police plan to be more visible near transit corridors during the commute next week to try and discourage thieves looking to cash in during a new, earlier opportunity.

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