Police Warn Residents After Rash of Palo Alto Break-Ins

The most common strategy is for burglars to knock on the front door and go around back to break in when no one is home, police said.

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    Jean Elle
    Dozens of Palo Alto residents turned out for the meeting where police warned about the recent spike in residential burglaries.

    A spike in daytime residential burglaries on the Peninsula has police asking residents for help.

    Palo Alto Police called a community meeting Wednesday night to let residents know about the trend.

    Officers said there have been 71 daytime break-ins so far this year, compared to just 31 in the first three months of last year. Police have made 14 arrests that are linked to 9 burglaries.

    Police officer Zach Perron said the bad guys are after gold and electronics. He said the most common strategy is to knock on the front door and go around back to break in  when no one is home.

    Perron also said lots of people aren't locking up and that's got to change.

    Police are urging people to report suspicious behavior.