Polite Pranksters Hack Roadwork Sign in Santa Rosa

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    The sign altered in Santa Rosa contained no profanity, unlike this example.

    They kept it classy.

    A flashing roadside sign of the kind familiar to commuters the world over had a pirate message on Sunday, but at least it was family friendly.

    "Nothing but style," read the erstwhile roadwork-advising message center in downtown Santa Rosa on Sunday, after some polite pranksters hacked into the sign's computer.

    The password was written on the sign itself -- right above the keyboard where roadside hacksters could enter the new message -- so the hackjob was no major challenge, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

    Previously, the sign had advised motorists of construction on the roadway ahead.

    These kinds of hacks are fairly typical, transportation officials told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. A sign in Delaware, for example, was recently changed to "Live nudes ahead."