Pot Growers Ordered to Pay PG&E Restitution

The three men pleaded no contest to several charges surrounding the operation of marijuana grow houses.

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    Three pot growers were ordered to pay restitution to PG&E.

    Three Bay Area men convicted of illegally growing marijuana were ordered by a judge to pay restitution to Pacific Gas and Electric Company for bypassing electric meters at their grow houses.

    The judge ordered Mon Chi Chan, 32, to pay PG&E $42,000 and Menh Voong, 36, to write a check for  $13,117.

    A third defendant,  Ka Chung Yip, 32, failed to appear at court and an arrest warrant was issued for him.

    The three men pleaded no contest to charges stemming from running illegal marijuana grow houses in Daly City and Oakland.

    The two homes were raided after more than six months of surveillance.