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"Powerful" Oscar Grant Film Sets Off "Bidding War" At Sundance

"Fruitvale" rights picked up for $2 million.



    The death of Oscar Grant, 22, on New Year's 2009 is the subject of a new film.

    One of the hottest films at the Sundance Film Festival is a real-life drama that just wrapped up in the Bay area.

    The dramatization of Oscar Grant's shooting death on a BART platform on New Year's Day 2009 is the subject of "Fruitvale," a walkthrough of the last 24 hours of Grant's life, according to the Contra Costa Times.

    Studios and distributors have been falling over each other to get a piece of the action over the weekend, and as of Monday, The Weinstein Co. had purchased rights to distribute the movie, according to reports.

    The lead actor is Michael B. Jordan, who has credits in "The Wire" and "Friday Night Lights" under his belt.

    The filmmaker is a 26-year old first-timer and Oakland native, Ryan Coogler. No word on when the film will be available for the public to see in theaters.