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New Quake Unsettles as Bay Area Recalls Big One

Shaking is "minor," according to USGS, but enough to wake memories



    Earthquakes rattle the Bay Area again.

    California is built on unsteady ground. Everyone who lives here accepts that. But no earthquake is minor to Bay Area residents.

    Late Wednesday night, the USGS issued a report that a "minor" earthquake with a magnitude 3.4 struck 5 miles east of San Jose, followed by a 1.2 aftershock.

    The quake struck three days before the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta quake, a 7.1 earthquake which devastated bridges and buildings across the Bay Area and one day before statewide drills are planned for earthquake preparedness.

    And the recent rainstorm has set people on edge.

    What's one more disaster? Californians are inclined to believe in karma: Fire, flood, and quakes are the price we pay for living in paradise. An earthquake may shake us. But we wouldn't settle for living anywhere else.