Rec and Park St. Patty's Parade Float Cost San Francisco $10,000

Taxpayers will be reimbursed thanks to private fundraising campaign

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    mcbarnacle / Flickr
    San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department was lucky enough to find a benefactor to pay for the city St. Patrick's Parade float.

    Looking to score some positive publicity, San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department went all-out on it's float for the St. Patrick's Parade float last weekend.

    And by "all-out," they spent 185 hours working on it, with materials and labor estimated to cost $10,000 -- even as the agency faces a budget shortfall of over $12 million.

    Which turned the publicity push around faster than the float can probably turn, leaving the department to ask for private help from the San Francisco Parks Trust, which will hold a fundraiser rather than make a withdrawal from its savings account.

    Maybe the float's theme -- "Luck O' the Irish" -- played a part in the promise of private funds coming at the last minute?

    The department did get some good news, with better scores in the City's audit of park facilities. Naturally, parks in wealthy neighborhoods scored better than those in less fortunate areas of the City.

    Photo by Flickr user mcbarnicle.

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