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Reminder: Keep Your Pot Card Current

Parolee caught with expired medical marijuana documents

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    Make sure your doctor's prescription for medical cannabis is up to date, or you could face a criminal drug possession charge.

    A traffic stop of a man in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood on Monday didn't just net the cops a parolee driving with a suspended license.

    It also netted them "a baggie filled with marijuana."

    No problem, says the parolee, who whipped out his medical marijuana identification card after receiving a doctor's recommendation for the medicine.

    Only problem? It had expired.

    So now the man has had his car towed, his pot confiscated and may face a return to jail if a parole officer and judge decide the drug possession charge merits it.

    Bummer, dude.

    Jackson West figures this story illustrates yet another reason to go for car-free living.