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Revolution 2.0: Getting Healthy Food Into Stores

Bay Area company growing, hiring



    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013)

    If you have a child in school, chances are fairly good he or she has come in contact with Revolution Foods.

    The company, headquartered in Oakland, has served some 75 million meals in school cafeterias since it was started by two former educators seven years ago.

    All those school meals (and 1,000 jobs) later, Kristin Richmond and Kirsten Saenz Tobey have a new target for their food: Stores. They're starting to hit Safeway, Whole Foods, and some others, with a massive runup due by the end of October.

    The meals, known for being far healthier than a typical school lunch, are a hit in schools, and the two executives hope for similar success in stores. Their Oakland facilities are already bursting at the seams, and in an area known for bad news, this is a success story that looks to grow much bigger in the months and years to come.

    Served with a dash of technology ("Social media is how we get feedback on what we do every day," says Richmond), Revolution Foods is aiming high, in a market dominated by established products  like Lunchables.  Can they continue to serve up success?

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