Rohnert Park Addresses Concerns Over Graton Casino

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    Rohnert Park residents discussed with city leaders concerns over the new Graton Casino. Terry McSweeney reports.

    Traffic and what to do with the city's new avenue of funding.

    Those were some of the main topics Rohnert Park residents brought to the city council Tuesday, a week after the opening of the $800 million Graton Casino.

    MORE: Graton Casino Closes Doors Due to Overwhelming Crowds

    City officials said good planning ahead of the opening made the best of traffic issues associated with the new casino.

    Graton Casino Closes Doors Due to Overwhelming Crowds

    [BAY] Graton Casino Closes Doors Due to Overwhelming Crowds
    Crowds of thousands are flocking to the brand-new Graton Resort & Casino in Rohnert Park Tuesday, causing gridlock on nearby roadways. Terry McSweeney reports.

    With the initial rush of excitement over, police and fire crews will reduce resources around the casino, which will save the money, officials said.

    But there's more good news for the city.

    Rohnert Park to date has garnered $2.6 million in revenue since the casino opened its doors last week.

    Some residents are suggesting using the funding generated from the casino back into the city's public school system.

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