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SF City Attorney Sues Monster Over Energy Drinks

SF's City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Monster Beverage Corp. are trading lawsuits over the health effects of the company's energy drinks



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    Monster Energy and San Francisco's city attorney are trading lawsuits.

    San Francisco's top lawyer says caffeine level in the drinks is too damn high.

    Citing the possibility of brain seizures and "severe cardiac events," San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has filed suit against Monster Beverage Corp., according to the San Francisco Business Times.

    Monster, which manufactures energy drinks called Monster Energy, had already sued Herrera -- in order to stop his office's efforts to "investigate" the company's marketing practices.

    Herrera says that the drinks are marketed to children whose bodies simply cannot handle the effects of so much caffeine, sugar, and other energy-creating chemicals.

    Monster's counter is that children can buy as much coffee as they want in any Starbucks -- and coffee has more caffeine per ounce than Monster.