San Francisco Landlords Step Up Evictions Over Airbnb

More Airbnb hosts are losing their apartments in San Francisco.

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    Putting up a room on Airbnb is putting more San Francisco renters out of their former homes for lease violations.

    Landlords in San Francisco are cracking down on tenants renting out part or all of their apartments on web-hotel service Airbnb, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    The city, too, is making more moves toward halting tenants' use of their units as "illegal...tourist or transient" housing, the newspaper reported.

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    This is leading to situations like the special-ed teacher losing his apartment -- which he keeps, thanks to the extra income from renting out a room -- over his Airbnb rental, and not being able to get help from the city, from Airbnb, or from tenants' activists, the newspaper reported.

    Despite a warm welcome from tech-friendly San Francisco for the company, Airbnb users are finding out the hard way that they are committing a "crime" in the city, a landlords' attorney told the newspaper.

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    City law bans all short-term residential rentals of a month or less unless in special circumstances that require extra permitting.