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SF Sheriff Plans Valentine's Day Flash Dance... In Jail

There's going to be a Valentine's Day flash dance at the San Francisco jail.



    Joe Rosato Jr.
    This is the San Francisco jail dance party on Valentine's Day.

    If the San Francisco sheriff can't get invited to a Valentine's Day domestic violence awareness rally, he'll have his own party.

    A dance party. A flash dance party -- in jail.

    Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is planning a "flash mob-style dance" at the San Bruno-based County Jail on Thursday, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Mirkarimi's event is a counter-event to the City Hall rally planned, according to reports. Mirkarimi has largely been shunned by the city's leadership after last year's saga involved an incident of domestic violence with his wife, Eliana. Mirkarimi nearly lost his job after he pleaded guilty to one count of misdemeanor false imprisonment.

    Prisoners and staffers at the jail will perform "Break the Chain," part of the international "One Billion Rising" campaign, the newspaper reported.

    Below is a video that may preview what's coming for the jail. Imagine folks doing this but in uniform.