SF Supe Clearing Path for Water Recycling

David Chiu's trying to keep water recycling flowing smoothly through the planning process.

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    Water, (recycled) water everywhere...

    David Chiu wants to save the water -- the water that would otherwise be flushed away forever, that is.

    The San Francisco lawmaker and Board of Supervisors president is sponsoring legislation on behalf of water-recycling devices, according to SF Weekly.

    Apparently it's too difficult for developers to wade through the red tape and pump into the gray -- as in non-potable, non-drinkable but still toilet-ready water -- under the city's onerous rules and regulations, the newspaper reported.

    The legislation will guide a would-be water-recycling property developer wishing to build a recycling system in a new building through the multi-department permitting process, which can be a real drain.

    The city Public Utilities Comission, the Department of Public Health, and Department of Building Inspection all need to sign off on a recycling system, and the legislation aids just that approval, the newspaper reported.

    Now that's keeping it flowing. What else does Chiu have in the pipeline?