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SF Taking a Look at Treasure Island Development Plan



    Via Treasure Island Community Development, a mock up of what the future Treasure Island could look like. Chron

    San Francisco planners are set to consider a $1.5 billion development proposal for Treasure Island that includes thousands of residential units and a 450-foot high-rise.

    The proposal is scheduled to go before the City's Planning Commission Thursday. It would be among the largest developments in San Francisco in decades.

    Members of the Planning Commission tell the San Francisco Chronicle they have much to consider.

    Supporters say the opportunity to develop such a large amount of land—400 acres—in the middle of San Francisco Bay is a unique opportunity.

    Critics say the man-made island would not fare well in an earthquake. They also warn about the effects of global warning and the potential for more traffic on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

    The proposal would go before the Board of Supervisors if approved by the Planning Commission.