SF Water May Be Unsafe for People with HIV/AIDs | NBC Bay Area

SF Water May Be Unsafe for People with HIV/AIDs



    The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is proud of the imported Sierra snowmelt that gets piped in to the City, but a new study shows the water from your tap, may not be safe for everyone to drink, reports SF Weekly.

    Spreck Rosekrans, a water expert, says the process San Francisco uses is one where the water is chemically treated with chloramine and radiated with ultraviolet light, but unlike other areas, it is not filtered to kill certain microorganisms such as the protozoans that cause giardia and cryptosporidiosis. These microorganisms can be potentially unsafe for people with weakened immune systems, like those with HIV or AIDs.

    For most of us, however, it's perfectly fine. However, if you're concerned that your water isn't pure enough, you can always get bottled water, or a filtration system for your tap.