SFPD Make Break in German Tourist Killing

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    A tourist on vacation in San Francisco was killed in the cross fire last August. Now police have made several arrests in the case. (Published Wednesday, May 4, 2011)

    San Francisco police announced a break in a high profile homicide that left a German tourist dead last summer.
    Mechtild Schroeer, from Minden Germany, was walking with her husband near their hotel when they were caught in the cross-fire of a shooting between two groups of men last August.  She died from gunshot wounds.

    Police said they have made seven arrests in the case.  They said all of the suspects are documented gang members, but they did not say what lead to the break in the case.

    Some of the suspects had been detained by police the night of the  shooting after a taxi driver said he saw them fleeing the scene, but prosecutors  declined to file charges against them at the time, saying there was not  enough evidence to prove the case

    The San Francisco Police Department said it served seven arrest warrants and six search warrants in connection with the murder case and have booked the following people:

    1.     Phillip Stewart     black  male, 19 years old           charged with murder
    2.     Marcos Blueford     black  male, 19 years old           charged with murder
    3.     Delvon Scott        black  male, 20 years old           charged with murder
    4.     Willie Eason        black  male, 19 years old           charged with murder
    5.     Gethsamine Pita     black  male, 18 years old           charged with accessory