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SJ Police, City Back at the Bargaining Table



    (Published Thursday, Nov. 7, 2013)

    Finally some good news in the fight between the City of San Jose and its police officers.

    NBC Bay Area has learned both sides are headed back to the table to iron out their differences.

    Dozens of officers have left this year, including rookies, over their reduction in pay and benefits.

    Through it all, the city took a $1.7 million loss in recruitment and training costs.

    San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said the city needs to slow down the exodus and increase the rate of recruiting in the department.

    Reed said he’s optimistic that can happen now that the city is talking to the police union again after months of no communication.

    “It took months to get them back to the bargaining table. But they’re coming back to the bargaining table, and I think it’s a hopeful sign,” Reed said.

    The mayor says he heard why the recruits and veterans are leaving the force, and will work to address those concerns, adding he doesn’t want the next mayor of San Jose to not inherit a department in crisis.

    “I’ve got 14 months. We clearly have problems that need to be solved. We don’t have enough police officers. We’re trying to grow the department,” Reed said.

    Councilman ash Ash Kalra is a long-time critic of the mayor and the majority of the council. Kalra says sitting back at the table is a good first step.

    “It starts with having a conversation with them and not accusing them every time there’s a disagreement,” Kalra said.

    The cops are angry. Morale is at an all time low and by his own admission, the mayor has just over a year to fix it.

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