Safeway Meat Entices a Man to Steal, Suffer a Heart Attack

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    Safeway meat is serious business. Photo: H Fabulous on Flickr

    Stealing meat and coffee can be an adrenaline rush. So much so it can induce a heart attack for some.

    An unnamed man suffered a heart attack after he was held for allegedly stealing meat and coffee from a Safeway store in San Francisco, police told the San Francisco Examiner.

    Around 9:20 a.m. on Sunday a man stole meat and coffee from the Safeway store in the 4900 block of Mission Street.

    An employee reported seeing the man walk out of the store with the items stuffed in his jacket to the police.

    Officers detained the man where shortly after he suffered a heart attack. The officers had the man transported to San Francisco General Hospital.

    He is expected to survive the heart attack but he will be awaken to face a felony theft charge for shoplifting meat and coffee.