San Bruno Blast Donations Surpass $1 Million-Mark

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    A woman is treated by firemen after an explosion in San Bruno, Calif., Thursday, Sept. 9, 2010. Several homes were destroyed as a massive fire roared through a mostly residential neighborhood in San Bruno. (AP Photo/Mike Adaskaveg)

    When the call came in for help for victims of the gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, donors answered loud and clear.

    More than $1 million in donations have already poured into organizations supporting the victims -- and that figure is growing.

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    Our friends at the Examiner tell us the Silicon Valley Community Foundation has raised more than $420,000, and the Red Cross another $750,000. The San Bruno Lions Club has raised about $50,000, much of it from personal checks and individual donations -- $10,000 came from other local Lions Clubs.

    Red Cross spokeswoman Melanie Finks says the agency has already provided services including health and mental health consultations and meals to more than 380 families. It is working with the city on a long-term plan to support victims.

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    "Many of the most essential, immediate needs have been met," Finke told the Examiner, "but these people, as they're working through their insurance, as they're rebuilding, more things are going to come up."

    The explosion on Sept. 9 killed eight people, injured several others and destroyed 37 homes in the Crestmoor neighborhood.

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