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Who Stopped the Rain? 2013 Driest Year On Record in San Francisco

How's the weather? It's not raining -- at all



    It's another beautiful day in San Francisco -- one of many in the city by the bay's driest year on record.

    There hasn't been a year like this in San Francisco since 1946 -- which was a deluge by comparison.

    That was the last time so little rain fell in the city by the Bay, according to the National Weather Service.

    In 1946, 8.79 inches of rain fell during the calendar year -- and this year, as of this week? Not even half as much: 3.38 inches of rain has fallen on San Francisco International Airport since January.

    We're parched..

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    December is typically among the wettest months: on average 4.03 inches of rain fall during the last month of the year, or more than the city has seen to date in 2013.

    By mid-December, 18.37 inches fall, on the way to 20.65 inches annually on average, according to AccuWeather.com.

    Storms follow the Pacific jet stream, which has been aiming at northern Canada rather than the Bay Area, according to metereologists.

    There may be rain on Thursday, but only for a short time. After that, it's dry, dry dry up until 2014.