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San Francisco Police And People: We're "Ready" For the Super Bowl

Cops and merchants in the Mission say they're ready for super partiers.

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    Mat Luschek
    Police in riot gear were on hand to keep things calm after the Giants World Series victory last October.

    The revelers are coming -- and San Francisco is ready.

    The city is well-versed with what happens to sports fans in the wake of a big victory, with World Series celebrations to the city's credit in 2010 and 2012.

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    In the Mission District, celebrants broke windows, jumped on cars and lit fires -- and in the Financial District on Third Street, a Muni bus was torched. 34 people were arrested, and 11 charged with felonies. A man also died in the Haight-Ashbury after possibly being hit in the head.

    But "police are promising it will be different Sunday night," the San Francisco Chronicle reported. The people who lined up outside bars two weeks ago to catch glimpses of the NFC Championship game will be made to behave.

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    About 100 extra SFPD officers will be deployed to the Mission District, the newspaper reported. And the World Series fires were fueled by the waste available -- trash pickup night was that night, so there were plenty of mattresses and other detritus to burn, the newspaper reported.