San Francisco Stands Alone on Pot Legalization

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    San Francisco stands alone when it comes to legalizing marijuana in the California, according to a new poll.

    Shutting down medical marijuana dispensaries may or may not lead to more crime but Californians appear to already have strong feelings about pot.

    A new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California says 51 percent of Californians do not favor the legalization of marijuana while 46 percent do.

    The findings are similar to another study the institute conducted last September that also found a small majority of Californians do not favor the legalization of pot.

    The study did find that there was one part of the state where voters were likely to approve of legalized marijuana: San Francisco.

    Most of those polled in the rest of the state opposed the legalization. The survey was based on 2,002 adult residents who were called on their phones.