San Francisco Sued After Hell's Angel Kicked Out of Candlestick

A member of the Hells Angels wants his civil rights not violated.

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    Hells Angels gear not allowed at Candlestick.

    A Hells Angels motorcycle club member is suing the City of San Francisco after he was kicked out of Candlestick Park for wearing his motorcycle club colors, according to reports.

    Steven Gatto, 56 -- who has sued other entities for removing him from premises for wearing his Hells Angels gear -- says that he was told by San Francisco police to remove his gear during a Nov. 13, 2011 game or be removed himself, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    He obeyed, and took off the notable leather jacket -- but then was asked a second time to remove his clothing or remove himself, when he reappeared wearing a Hells Angels t-shirt.

    He was there as a guest of a former Oakland Raiders player, Dave Tollefson, the newspaper reported.

    The suit does not name the 49ers in the First Amendment suit.

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