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San Jose Declares Water Shortage, But No Strong Drought Enforcement

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    Now outlawed in San Jose.

    San Jose is asking its residents to curb water use by 20 percent after declaring an official water shortage.

    But the city is asking nicely, as there's not much the city will do to water scofflaws.

    It's "illegal" to water a lawn between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. until April 2015, the San Jose Mercury News reported. San Jose police won't be out writing tickets, however: that's the job of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the newspaper reported.

    The district is already in charge of writing $500 tickets for folks who don't wash cars using shut-off nozzles, and will be hiring ten "water cops" who will start work next month, the newspaper reported.

    San Jose has cut its water use by 14 percent, the newspaper reported, and will investigate using recycled water in the long-term while residents see if they can use even less.