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San Jose Gun Buyback Program Nets 463 Weapons

Nearly $47,000 in Target gift cards doled out to former gun owners



    These, for Target gift cards.

    The first gun buyback in about a decade in San Jose was also the biggest.


    San Jose Gun Buy-Back

    [BAY] San Jose Gun Buy-Back
    Several cities in the Bay Area, including San Jose, marked the Sandy Hook School mass-shooting anniversary by holding gun buyback events. NBC Bay Area Kimberly Tere reports from San Jose.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 16, 2013)

    Some 463 firearms were given to police in exchange for Target gift cards last Saturday, according to the San Jose Mercury News. That was good enough for $46,400 in Target gift cards, the newspaper reported.

    The most-recent gun buyback had been in 2001, when only 85 guns were returned.

    A handgun, rifle or shotgun netted $100, while an assault rifle earned buybackers $200.

    "192 handguns, 264 rifles and shotguns and seven assault rifles" were turned in, the newspaper reported.