San Jose State University Students Walkout to Protest Fee Increase

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    About 100 San Jose State University students marched to protest a controversial fee increase. Scott Budman reports. (Published Tuesday, April 29, 2014)

    About 100 San Jose State University students marched Tuesday on campus to protest a controversial fee increase

    According to SJSU Students for Quality Education, the group that organized the protest, each student paid $630 for the Student Success Excellence and Technology Fee (SSETF) this school year. Students will be expected to pay $790 for the coming academic year if this fee remains, the group said.

    "Cut the fee, cut the fee," the students chanted.

    Protesters demanded the end of the SSETF, calling it an "impediment" on student success. They claim that the fee is not managed properly because majority of the funds received go into athletics.

    Even the administration admits that the fee is confusing.

    The students took their message directly to the president of the university, adding that they are not seeing any benefits from the fee.

    "It's disheartening ... We're here to learn, not be profit of somebody in the office," one of the students said.

    After the protest, the students talked to administrators privately. University officials promised to review the fee and the way the money was spent.