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School Officer Kills Man With Screwdriver



    School Officer Kills Man With Screwdriver
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    Police have accused Kenneth Stayton of shooting a man in North Philadelphia on Friday, October 15.

    A man was shot and killed by an Oakland school officer, Saturday night, after the suspect came after the officer with a screwdriver,  reports the Chronicle.

    The incident occurred at about 9:15 p.m., as schools police officers were on patrol near the Joaquin Miller Community Center in Joaquin Miller Park, where Skyline High School was holding its winter ball, said Oakland SchoolPolice ChiefPete Sarna.

    The officers approached a suspicious vehicle, where a man and woman were sitting inside. As they approached, the man produced a screwdriver and tried to stab one of the officers. The other officer, thinking first officer was in danger, open fired on the suspect, killing him.

    The woman was not injured but was transported to the hospital for observation.

    Both officers were placed on administrative leave, which is standard procedure during an investigation.

    The shooting is believed to be the first fatal officer-involved incident in recent memory.