Scott Olsen Frustrated With Pace of Tear Gas Investigation

Iraq war veteran hurt in protest expects recovery

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    Scott Olsen
    Scott Olsen said he expects to fully recover.

    The Marine Corps veteran who was struck in the head during a clash between police and Occupy Oakland protesters says he expects to recover completely but he is still having trouble speaking.
    In a video interview posted on, Scott Olsen says he had trouble speaking at all in the days after his skull was fractured Oct. 25.

    Watch video here.

    It's the 24-year-old Iraq War veteran's first interview since he was injured. He wears a neck brace and speaks haltingly, and his words are sometimes slurred.
    Olsen says he didn't know at the time how he was wounded. He says he's frustrated by the pace of the police investigation into who fired the tear gas canister he believes struck him.
    Messages left for Oakland police were not immediately returned.